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What is Lifestyle Management?
Who needs a Lifestyle Manager?
How can I afford the services of Render Lifestyle Management?
How do I know how much time I need?
What if I need help with something I don't see on the list?
Are there services you will not provide?

What is Lifestyle Management?

Lifestyle management is a growing trend in the service industry. Also known as a personal assistant, a personal concierge, or an errand runner, a lifestyle manager is a little of each rolled into one, and simply helps manage daily life - your to-do list and your time - thereby allowing you to focus on what really matters to you. Whether you are in need of temporary or on-going help, Render Lifestyle Management will work with you to determine what will be most cost-effective for you, but still meet your needs.

According to Jeffrey Gilbert on, "lifestyle management involves balancing work and personal issues. How does a person find a way to manage their lifestyle in a less frantic manner? Lifestyle management companies are the key! They help individuals take care of managing specific tasks so that the more pleasurable tasks and events can be truly enjoyed...Managing time and stress levels effectively makes for a happier life overall. Lifestyle management companies are not a frivolous endeavor, but in fact help people utilize their resources effectively so that they can live the fulfilling lifestyle they deserve and desire."

Who needs a lifestyle manager?

Anyone can benefit from working with a lifestyle manager. If you have ever ended your day wishing for more than 24 hours to get everything done, a lifestyle manager is worth looking into.

Following are a few client scenarios:
THE BUSY WORKING MOM might need help with the errands (grocery shopping, returning library books, picking up the dry cleaning) so that she can focus on cooking a meal for the family, kids' activities, and getting kids' homework done before bed. Or, she may need help planning a birthday party, including theme selection, buying and wrapping favors, ordering and sending the invitations, and picking up the cake.

THE ILL OR INJURED INDIVIDUAL may only need help temporarily, but needs a lifestyle manager to maintain some semblance of normalcy and make sure the basics still get accomplished while he/she focuses on recovering. This individual may need somebody to water the plants, buy the groceries, make sure the bills are paid on time and the dog gets to the vet.

THE BRIDESMAIDS SPREAD ACROSS THE COUNTRY may need somebody local to handle arrangements for a bridal shower - choosing and booking a venue, ordering and sending invitations, tracking RSVPs, purchasing favors, and planning and ordering the food. Maybe they want somebody to be on-site during the event to keep things running smoothly so they can focus on the fun, their friends, and most importantly, the bride.

Piggy Bank
How can I afford the services of Render Lifestyle Management?

By employing smart shopping principles, using coupons, joining loyalty programs and warehouse clubs, and eliminating your impulse buys, the money I save you is where you will find the money to help afford these services. And, for those of you who are moms, because I don't have to bring along your kids, I can get your errands done more quickly than you! This all means that I save you:

  • the time you would spend clipping coupons
  • the money you save from using coupons
  • the money you won't have to spend on memberships, AND
  • the time it would take you to run the errands yourself
  • from the impulse buys!
How do I know how much time I need?

What can be accomplished in an hour? That all depends on the location of your errands, and the length of your list. To give you an idea, here is how one of my recent 1 hour errand runs played out.

  1. Rainbow Foods - return one item
  2. Bank - deposit check
  3. Target - 6 non-grocery items. With coupons, saved $8.28.
  4. Walgreens - went for packaging tape at an amazing price with coupon; sold out
  5. Officemax - 1 item
  6. Post office - mailed bills (we don't mail any payments from our home mailbox to prevent identify theft).
  7. Walgreens - stopped at a second Walgreens for packaging tape. Stocked up on it with 5 rolls for $5.30 total, saving $12.50. This should last me more than a year!
What if I need help with something I don't see on the list?

Just ask! There are many services listed to help clients think about what they may want, but the list is by no means exhaustive. We will cover what services you need in our initial, complimentary, meeting.

Are there services you will not provide?

I do not provide cleaning services or child care. Due to liability concerns, I do not transport people.

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